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Science and IC MMDF4N01HDR2 and Technology Daily News: U.S. researchers said they first developed a way to observe the protein at the molecular level, a new type of optical microscope, cells will help scientists to explore the depths of understanding of the basic organization of its internal structure. It is reported that new optical microscope by the United States Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers at Florida State University National High Magnetic Field Laboratory with the help of developed, it will help basic cell biology science research. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory of Optical Microscopy Group Leader Michael Davidson said that with the new microscope technology, it will be opened at the molecular level, the mystery of the cell kinetics of the important tools. Photosensitive optical microscope is called the new positioning microscope, it makes up for in the electron microscope can only show a tiny cell structure of the distribution can not see the lack of protein. NIH researchers said that if the two together, they have a more powerful, people can understand the cell structure and protein distribution. Envisaged by the new optical microscope, two Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Beit Zige and physicist Eric Kazakhstan Ruo de Hess suggested that they encountered in the design process to the problem, Davidson team ultimately help them to develop a more perfect microscope. Hess said, NIH researchers have found a new light by micro UV fluorescent proteins to molecules, then, Davidson Group in the laboratory on a genetically modified fluorescent proteins and their integration with the natural protein, This is equivalent to the study will be to tag each protein. For the sensitive positioning microscope works, the researchers said, they first have to study the molecular to each marked with fluorescent tags, and then these molecules were irradiated with UV trace, UV activated fluorescent protein molecules, resulting in light, Fluorescence can then be generated with a microscope to capture images. In the study, the process should be repeated thousands of times, each repetition of capture were only part of the protein molecule. When the protein molecules to form a whole image, it acquired with the electron microscope images biggest difference is the contrast can be controlled viewing area. Cao Han-Chinese electronic market network recommended

MMDF4N01HDR2 Suppliers

LED TV LED explosive growth this year, the main driving force, the light on the TV with LED die, the Huang Yalin analysis, the MOCVD machine from purchase to production, at least four months early this year, set the machine to be mass production end of the year, resulting in the first half of the large LED grain supply gap in the second quarter, the supply can only meet the demand of LED Liu Cheng , with the production carve out in the third quarter increased to supply 85% of total demand, supply and MMDF4N01HDR2 Suppliers and demand can be reached almost to the very end of the year.

MMDF4N01HDR2 Price

Interactive Universal Control Panel - Intels new reference design based on the control panel will provide users with an easy to use touch screen interface allows the user to better control the domestic energy consumption. In addition, customers can also use the universal control panel to download, such as home security, weather and MMDF4N01HDR2 Price and business directory applications.

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