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in the previous September, the NDRC, the Ministry of Industry after the first round of the polysilicon industry thoroughly later, on September 29 issued "on inhibition of overcapacity in some industries and IC MN103S26E and redundant construction and guide the healthy development of industry, a number of opinions ", the views that should be wary of polysilicon and wind power equipment industry, the tendency to duplicate the construction . However, if the problem of excess polysilicon industry, academia and industry, some local governments have different views. in the new energy industry investment adviser chief researcher, said Jiang Qian, the polysilicon industry is "hot" rather than "excess." According to reports, 2008 years, the country produced 5,000 tons of polysilicon, accounting for 20% of the total demand In 2009, the National polysilicon production capacity is expected to reach 1 million tons, accounting for about half of total demand, "or need a large number of polysilicon import access to ".

MN103S26E Suppliers

Throughout 2006, DIY market can be described as turbulent, among which the most lively sector board, which in addition to relatively large card manufacturers, card users have higher degree of concern, the more important this year IT industry a range of between several giant mergers, partnerships and MN103S26E Suppliers and acquisitions action, can be described as good show again and again, attracting the attention of the vast majority of IT people, no less than all the entertainment scandal. IT insiders say this year's most sensational news events, the natural non-AMD acquisition of ATI and ASUS Gigabyte acquisition is none other than these two events.

MN103S26E Price

Car audio digital signal processing technology, the leading provider of NXP Semiconductors today announced the industrys first broadband Sigma-Delta converter, the device can simultaneously achieve all the FM band digital radio channel, and MN103S26E Price and performance can increase by 100 times. The cascaded Sigma-Delta converter can provide a range of unique features dash car audio and broadband wireless applications, such as software audio capabilities. In San Francisco in mid-February at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), the NXP Research Laboratory researchers published a paper in the proposed focus of this Sigma-Delta converter technology. NXP Sigma-Delta converter does not need a separate filter for each channel FM receivers. Thus, only a dash car audio receivers, each passenger car can be both wired or wireless headset to listen to different radio stations or radio wave sources. NXP Sigma-Delta converter also supports other applications such as frequency diversity, can detect and select the strongest FM signal while playing the selected channel and transmit radio data stream (RDS), to provide consumers with information on more programs . NXP Senior Director LeoWarmerdam Research Laboratory, said: "NXP is committed to providing consumers with new and exciting forms of entertainment, let them anytime, anywhere, including in the car, the media are able to enjoy the fun. Our focus on broadband Sigma-Delta converter architecture of the groundbreaking research project will change consumer expectations for car audio experience, and will certainly lead to many other innovative wireless applications. "Sigma-Delta converter based on continuous-time quadrature cascaded architecture, through the use of more greatly improve the low oversampling the signal bandwidth to cover the frequency can not be achieved before. NXP hope that the next few years with the innovative architecture to dramatically improve device performance. By Sigma-Delta converter cascaded architecture used in car audio, NXPs solution enables the FM radio band 20MHz digital, which can receive U.S. 101 (Europe 100) radio channel. Availability Sigma-Delta converter is an advanced technology development efforts, the future of NXP Semiconductors products will adopt this new technology. There is no price information.

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