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Ic MN3008

While the appearance of small size, but VEVA fashion watch mobile phone are a family of powerful equipment. Integration of the latest fashion as the crystallization of technology, practicality and IC MN3008 and convenience of its prominent features. Phone with 1.3-inch 65K color TFT touch screen, buttons on both sides of the front panel, the phone also has a number of function keys on both sides, support handwriting / keyboard dual input, operation is very flexible; phone has a powerful voice recognition features, to achieve a key address him voice-dialing and voice mail capabilities, but also voice song, and the input of voice messages, dynamic ports does not really achieve hands free hands; phone also supports high-capacity memory card, battery capacity up to 550 mA, can long Browse books and music and video playback support, built-rich games, and mobile phone with FM FM radio, and with a beautiful high-quality Bluetooth headset, fully satisfy the outdoor enthusiast edge high-quality sports and entertainment side of life needs.

MN3008 Suppliers

based on 4 series chipset will be mainly by including Asus and MN3008 Suppliers and Gigabyte motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan, including the charge of production is expected in the near to the market. Eric Mentzer, said: "We are P45 series of chipset production, is expected to start shipping this month ."

MN3008 Price

For the deteriorating living environment, the EU enacted a legislation called "the electrical and MN3008 Price and electronic equipment on the restriction of the use of certain harmful ingredients instructions" (English name: theRestrictionoftheuseofcertainhazardoussubstancesinelectricalandelectronicequipment) Mandatory standards. The standard will be July 1, 2006 began formal implementation, mainly for electrical and electronic products, materials, specifications and process standards, to make it more conducive to human health and the environment

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