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Ic MOC3023

Infineon sensors Frank Bauche, senior director of marketing, said: "In terms of innovation in highly integrated sensors, Infineon has made outstanding technological achievements. We will GMR effect for automotive applications, greatly improving the steering precision. Currently, we are developing more intelligent sensors to help improve vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and IC MOC3023 and reduce emissions ."

MOC3023 Suppliers

GMR effect is a few nanometers thick multi-layer metal film with magnetic field induced change in resistance. In short, the metal film from the stable with a fixed magnetization direction (reference direction) of the reference layer and MOC3023 Suppliers and the magnetization direction determined by the external magnetic field (such as the compass) of the sensing layer. Sensor layer and reference layer by only a few atoms thick copper layer separated, resulting in GMR effect. Reference applied magnetic field and the sensor determines the angle between the layers of metal film resistance variation. Infineon successfully in accordance with the required accuracy of these layers into the standard CMOS semiconductor manufacturing process.

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Infineon sensor chip TLE 5010 has two digital angle components - the sine and MOC3023 Price and cosine functions. The sensor through the SPI interface, 8-bit microcontroller to calculate the actual use of these components of the angle signal. Between the sensor and microcontroller digital transmission of data, improved immunity, in addition, the integrated temperature sensor compensation can also play a role in ensuring the -40 ° C to +150 ° C temperature range is obtained accurate steering angle.

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