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Ic MP7510DS

Product Model Anglo OKwap688 (PHS C network G network) Price 910 yuan business business Recommended Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai group association contacts with the Bin Chen Tel 13162029998/63539998 # # # # #

MP7510DS Suppliers

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MP7510DS Price

Luo Zhongsheng: 2010 certainly would be more clear, I very much support this idea. I often go to the store, hanging out in many parts of the stand, 3G mobile phones are sold. So I think the next few years in China, 3G user growth figures we would certainly be faster than imagined. EVDO, CDMA is the number of users or the development of 2G-based, not the EVDO-based, then in such circumstances, as long as China Mobile, it can send power, I personally believe it can. Question

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