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Ic MP7683

reporter learned that, as early as 2005, the completion of the pilot process technology integration, the Tsinghua University and IC MP7683 and the company decided to start Visionox OLED mass production line construction, and selected industrial sites in the country. At that time not many places on the OLED is very understanding, but in the process, Kunshan City is an international industry that OLED display industry to develop new directions, OLED organizations to learn the knowledge, and finally by the investment agencies and the Kunshan Visionox shareholders of the Company to jointly invest 400 million yuan invested in Kunshan, OLED mass production line.

MP7683 Suppliers

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Durham in Las Mercedes new research developments in the field of high temperature superconductivity is very important because it allows people to see when superconductivity breakthrough insulating state "ground-breaking out ", regardless of how the specific structure of the atom, which is before any material can not be done.

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reporters here on the 26th from the opening of the China Group, comprehensive integration of enterprise applications Digital Forum was informed that the Chinese "Eleventh Five-Year" manufacturing information technology project has been thirty-one provinces and MP7683 Price and cities in the Mainland District started, the total project funding five billion yuan, of which each country plans to spend two hundred and fifty million yuan, the local annual plans to invest more than seven hundred fifty million yuan.

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