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because of restrictions on the supply growth rate, the prices under control. According to iSupplis purchasing price index (PPI), following the first quarter of 2009, after falling 5.4%, including a global electronic components including semiconductor prices stabilize in the second quarter, and IC MPC8541EPXAPF and rose sharply in the second half. Slightly larger than the second quarter, the historical average price decline, down 2.7% in the third quarter rose 2.2% in the fourth quarter rose 2.7%.

MPC8541EPXAPF Suppliers

It is understood that Samsung has not released the official launch of new models Notice, also refused to provide specific technical specifications of two models, the company said only current products in the United States and MPC8541EPXAPF Suppliers and the European and Asian countries listed. According to Samsung, the official website and shopping site provides information on the United States revealed that the two new models called the Q1-Pentium and Q1b, respectively, Intel Pentium M 723 processor and the VIA C7 processor, clocked are 1GHz. It is understood, Q1-Pentium 60GB hard drive and 1GB memory configuration, Q1b configuration 40GB hard drive and 512MB of memory, which Q1b similar with the original configuration. In addition, the two models with the original screen has the same 800x480 pixels are used 7-inch widescreen touch screen. Both models are priced at 1250 and 900 dollars, and was originally priced at $ 1,000.


, we first look at dual-core processors in the end he was. Dual-core processor based on a single semiconductor as a function of the processor has two processor cores, that is, two physical processor cores integrated into a kernel. The introduction of dual-core processor technology is an effective way to improve processor performance. Because the actual performance of the processor is the processor in each clock cycle, the total number of instructions the processor can therefore add a core, the processor can perform per clock cycle will double the number of units, but readers do not that the performance of dual-core processor is simply equal to twice the single-core, because the system to achieve maximum performance, the operating system must ensure that all dual-core processors inside the execution of

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