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NCQ internal hard drive technology is a way for optimizing the execution order of workloads, through the internal command queue reordering intelligent data management, to improve the hard drive because of mechanical parts and IC MPY100BG and a variety of performance by the constraints, when the user application to send multiple instructions to the user's hard drive, NCQ hard drive can be optimized in order to complete these instructions, thereby reducing the mechanical load to achieve the purpose of enhancing performance (legend of the overall performance can be increased by 5% to 20%).

MPY100BG Suppliers

Reporters on the scene, a number of LED lighting business to its LED products placed outside the venue of the exchange, including the Hong Kong League of LED lighting applications, as well as to from Nanjing and MPY100BG Suppliers and Shanghai, the LED business, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, the largest of the LED lighting business.

MPY100BG Price

This machine has a 400 million pixel 1/2.5 inch CCD, 3 optical zoom equivalent to 35mm camera 34 ~ 101mm, maximum aperture of F2.8 ~ F4.9. Closest focusing distance of 50cm wide-angle telephoto end side 80cm, Macro distance 5cm. Can shoot 2272 × 1704/1600 × 1200/640 × 480 pixel image, 320 × 240 unlimited audio animation. 76 800 pixels 1.5-inch TFT LCD display. Using SD / MMC card storage, connected to the computer through the USB1.1. Using a dedicated lithium battery in the case of the LCD screen open, some can take 185 pictures. External dimensions of 93.5 × 23 × 55.5mm, weighing about 146g.

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