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Ic MRF151G

as a constant current to drive white LED step-up DC / DC converter device, CP2122B1 to drive 3 ~ 30 pcs LED. CP2122B1 by up to 1.4MHz operating frequency, allowing the use of small external inductor and IC MRF151G and capacitor components. LED in series connection with the form, so to ensure that the current flowing through each LED the same, so you can get the same brightness. 300mV feedback voltage makes the current setting resistor on the power consumption is very small, as much as possible in the white LED driver optimized application efficiency. CP2122B1 the switch peak current up to 900mA, and can withstand up to 38V voltage. In the single case of lithium-ion battery, CP2122B1 can drive a string of up to 10 LED, or 7 series per string 3 LED. As the supply voltage increases, CP2122B1 can drive more LED, it is very suitable for Large LCD screen backlight applications. CP2122B1 built-in soft-start to limit inrush current during startup.

MRF151G Suppliers

Research team developed a polymer coating, also known as PPE (para-phenyleneethynylene), when the gold nanoparticle surface replaced, there is the ability of light; when the cell attachment on it, you can use it to generate the spectrum to detect cell types. Can make this kind of laser light-emitting nano-particles.

MRF151G Price

Well, we start with the topic of promotions. Recently, the business group for product promotion, sales of gold is, after all, May is the beginning of March, early hands-on early to win the market. MP Company at the Van Gogh series of speakers nationwide large special promotions, will end next week, and MRF151G Price and now Van Gogh series, FC360, FC361, FC550 several high popularity of the products that are in substantial price promotions, if you have not hands, it can get back on schedule.

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