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Ic MRF5812R1

Camera the size of the use of CD disc 8cm disc. Only use the DVD-RW rewritable recording time can only be edited or deleted. Although the DVD-R can be an additional camera, but you can not edit or delete captured images. A CD recording time, the high-definition 20 minutes, the standard 30 minutes, 60 minutes long mode. Although the body can proceed with the design of it, but the switch location and IC MRF5812R1 and the type of DV camcorder with a different feel accustomed to the beginning. Although the position of the zoom lever feel fairly reasonable, but the drive behind the camera at the start button to use some inconvenient.

MRF5812R1 Suppliers

colorful Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and MRF5812R1 Suppliers and development and production in one of the world's leading PC peripherals company. Since 2005, the military official close to the camera market, camera products under its name will soon be recognized by the market and consumers, the brand value of almost one year to the rapid rise in the ranks of the domestic first-class brand, changing the mainland market before the brand-name the vicious popular camera case, such no-name camera, poor use of materials, process rough, is not guaranteed after-sales, but because of its low prices, some owners of Internet cafes are often muddle-headed of the cafe is to save costs as a new option, but Facts have proved that such a very short life of the camera, or even less than a month the screen to obscure the phenomenon began to appear until the entire screen becomes dark no light, because such unlicensed manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of blindly Foreign acquisition of the old second-hand phone camera, and then installed in the camera head, to replace the professional camera lens. Internet cafes in the procurement of these cameras often because they are not perfect after-sales service and frequent replacement of the camera, resulting in greater cost bar

MRF5812R1 Price

local R & D growth rate is significantly faster than the overall market. In 2007, the local R & D growth rate 5.4% higher than the overall market. International automotive electronics and MRF5812R1 Price and semiconductor suppliers to increase the local R & D investment. This local suppliers, the rapid development of both a good opportunity, but more serious challenge is the survival of the fittest.

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