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Ic MRF630

Fujitsu May 16, 2007 opening of the "10th Embedded Systems Development Technology Show (ESEC)" with reference to display a strong dielectric with a built-in memory (FeRAM, ferroelectric memory) General 8bit microcontrollers. Evaluation with a chip "MB95RV100" recently to supply, production plans available around 2008. CPU core uses "F2MC-8FX", operating frequency is 10MHz. First, the preservation of key data for use on the market. Microcontroller with FeRAM initially applied to the data stored area (part of the original micro-controlled RAM). Program intended to save the region in the form of mask ROM. Data storage product line plan purposes for the introduction of FeRAM are 4KB, 12KB, 32KB 3 kinds of products, the introduction of mask ROM uses stored procedures are 16KB, 32KB, 48KB 3 kinds of products. In the micro-controller with a FeRAM, from the principle that, to achieve ROM / RAM area to share, designers are free to set their own allocation of ROM and IC MRF630 and RAM capacity, the mass-produced products will use the mask ROM. However, evaluating the use of chips on display, ROM and RAM are using the FeRAM. Fujitsu said micro-controller with FeRAM production costs of products with built-in flash memory can achieve the same level microcontroller. Built-in flash memory microcontrollers, the need to be equipped for flash memory write information to the boost circuit, but you do not need the FeRAM circuit, therefore, in the address space is small and the ROM / RAM size of small areas of 8bit microcontrollers , in addition to faster write time to the advantages of the original outside, FeRAM there are cost advantages. However, in the memory cell area, FeRAM large size than the flash memory. Therefore, such a need as 32bit microcontroller with large capacity ROM / RAM of uses, "is still built-in flash microcontroller advantages" (Fujitsu). Fujitsu had been used in FeRAM non-contact IC card for a particular purpose ACIC and so on, in the general-purpose microcontroller with FeRAM is the first time.

MRF630 Suppliers

During the National Day, WeWa!! Latest MP3 product V-5 shelves across the country in large quantities, this product is small and MRF630 Suppliers and exquisite, all-metal shell polished edges with smooth edges are user-friendly design, the touch feeling Its comfortable, species from different angles have complete visual sense, all the buttons tend to set the right side of the machine, in the use of convenient one-hand operation. This model small, so whether to carry or wear, give you unique personality, with the feeling of moving.

MRF630 Price

PLM to PDM as the main supplier, on behalf of manufacturers such as: Beijing Extech, clear soft Intentia, the Hai Sipu, Wuhan open mesh and MRF630 Price and so on. Such PLM PDM vendors tend to focus only on this single area, not to support CAD, PDM systems do not provide ERP solutions.

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