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Ic MSP430F1121AIPW

Torks Yang Deyou manager said, "Our sensor industry is still underdeveloped, although the price advantage of domestic sensor obvious, but the quality compared with foreign products, there is still the gap, and IC MSP430F1121AIPW and more generally used in less demanding areas of the signal. The key control areas, more users will choose imported products, because its performance is relatively good, high quality, to better meet customer needs. "The Bonners He Guangjun manager said," In the high-tech technology, the sensor manufacturers in China is still a long way to go, such as foreign radar sensor technology is relatively mature in China has not developed. "

MSP430F1121AIPW Suppliers

World sensor market is steady development, the new applications are constantly growing. According to relevant statistics show that the semiconductor sensors will continue to increase market share is estimated to reach 43% in 2008, while the MEMS-based sensors and MSP430F1121AIPW Suppliers and intelligent sensors with bus capacity will be the market mainstream. The Pepperl + Fuchs, director of marketing JohnSaw pointed out that, although mainly automotive, manufacturing and other traditional applications in the sensor market driven, but can not ignore the blue ocean market of green energy, sensors and even the entire automation industry will bring tremendous business opportunities.

MSP430F1121AIPW Price

2008 years of financial turmoil on the sensor market has more or less effects, especially for the automotive industry, manufacturing and MSP430F1121AIPW Price and other traditional applications of the sensor is more obvious, so how to open up new application areas will be the number of sensor manufacturers need to carefully consider. American International Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office Banner Engineering product manager He Guangjun said, "to the fierce competition in the development, as the sensor manufacturer, should avoid homogenization of competition and the introduction of high-tech technology in a product efforts."

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