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Ic MSP430F147IPM

in the development of things, the sensors and IC MSP430F147IPM and other industries, the development of good prospects, domestic enterprises are accelerating the development of the relevant market in order to rob. Sensor industry standard is a challenge must be faced. Currently, in the early stages of development of things should be guided by the government, enterprises to participate in, the things the standards used to study the sensor, if developed further development of industry standards, the difficulty will be very large, and will waste a lot of resources. Standards must be formulated with objective reality, not too far ahead, or standards will be useless.

MSP430F147IPM Suppliers

Previously, the EU has brought the industry to extend the quota on China textile limits requirements of the industry have worried that the quota can not be terminated as scheduled. Today, the EU approach has been formulated, the quota will be time to cancel. Industry experts believe that this is consistent with the principles of trade liberalization, but the quota trade barriers to be broken does not mean the complete textile exports to the EU "liberalization" of the textile industry is not so blindly optimistic. He said SMIC market rumors the government 500 million U.S. dollars will be injected is not groundless. Profitable this year after than before the development of SMIC faster, but the project does not expand too much, but do a successful one.

MSP430F147IPM Price

Jiang Shang Zhou said the new product development, SMIC in the future invest at least $ 2,000,000,000 per year, with five years to catch up with the world advanced level is possible. Jiang Shang Zhou said SMIC 45 nm project is doing more than 40 billion dollars to be invested, 32 nm to be 600 million U.S. dollars project.

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