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Ic MT6129N

In appearance, blue morning BM-221 measures only 62.5mm * 30mm * 13.5mm, portable compact body. Blue morning BM-221 front panel, metal wire drawing process to create, with the main color silver gray lines, color over the whole machine looks natural and IC MT6129N and smooth, simple and highlight the texture. Cold front fuselage equipped with black and white screen and the four main buttons, easy to operate and practical.

MT6129N Suppliers

Maxim Integrated Products introduced MAX19693, the industrys highest performance 12-bit, 4.0Gsps broadband digital to analog converter (DAC). Which DAC for high-frequency, broadband signal in the first Nyquist interval of the direct digital synthesis and MT6129N Suppliers and optimization. Device has excellent spurious and noise characteristics, can be close to 2GHz frequency range of DC to direct synthesis of the signal. MAX19693 spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) when the output frequency below 800MHz than 70dBc, the output frequency of 1500Hz is higher than 62dBc. Refresh rate 4.0Gsps, the output frequency is 200MHz, the device of the broadband noise spectrum density -164dBm/Hz. 4.0Gsps output refresh rate and high-performance architecture, the DAC with excellent wideband dynamic performance. MAX19693 excellent performance make it a broadband communications, radar waveform and local oscillator (LO) signal synthesis, and electronic warfare, arbitrary waveform generators, automatic test equipment and direct digital synthesis (DDS) ideal.

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