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According to statistics, as of the end of January 2008, Chinas mobile communication network has more than 550 million users, mobile phone penetration rate of 41.6 / per person. According to the relevant agency statistics, the annual replacement of more than 100 million mobile phone.

MTD9N10E Suppliers

as the transmission rate is twice the frequency compared to the same result as the GDDR3/GDDR4 900MHz bandwidth doubled to 3.6GB / s. Therefore, specifications of 3600MHz memory with the 1GB/256bit the HD4870 will provide up to 115.2GB / s memory bandwidth, which for the RV770 core, full performance is a big help.

MTD9N10E Price

age of things, man will be all over the daily management of basic artificial intelligence to deal with, so the tedious low-level management from the freed will be more human and MTD9N10E Price and material resources into research and development of new technologies. You can imagine, if one day things were a virus attack, maybe there will be factories closed, the phenomenon of social disorder, and even a direct threat to human lives. In the Internet era, the name of worms in one day was 25 million computers infected. One can imagine more things in the market value of the intranet, in order to reap the benefit of manufacturing spread of the virus from the Internet of things will be even more people on the Internet. While the experts said repeatedly that things are absolutely safe, but these experts believe that a simple Internet viruses they are helpless, but soothing remarks Zhefan how much weight it can ?

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