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Ic MUR1510

3 15, the Ministry of Information Industry, said the phone has been finalized and IC MUR1510 and the exchange of data format file in the format of the two industry standards, in March 2008 12, promulgated and implemented. The future realization of a phone and phone book who can pass the phone each other, need to paste the green "udx" (Universal Data eXchange) tags, to achieve inter-phone and computer telephone book transfer between the mobile terminals need to paste the yellow "udx" tab.

MUR1510 Suppliers

As we all know, ATI HD4870 graphics cards will be issued with GDDR5 memory, the actual frequency of reported memory 900MHz, but the bandwidth compared to GDDR3 and MUR1510 Suppliers and GDDR4 will be doubled, the actual transmission frequency up to 3600MHz.

MUR1510 Price

Wal-Mart was the first to emphasize the implementation of RFID tags in retail, in the April 30, 2004 issued a statement: "RFID will help us to improve satisfaction in the short term degrees, and MUR1510 Price and ultimately in cost control and continued to maintain low prices play an important role. "and asked for all suppliers of goods marked with RFID tags. Wal-Marts optimistic to expect that the end of 2005 will be able to complete the reform of logistics management. However, until January 1, 2007, for supply of 100 to be completed before major suppliers to provide RFID tags. Wal-Mart is not enough weight not to speak, mainly because of: RFID tag is too expensive. ARM market research center is expected to Boston just to meet the requirements of Wal-Mart, general consumer goods manufacturers will spend 1.3 million to 230 million dollars to the implementation of RFID tags, such costs, of course, not willing to undertake small-scale suppliers. Currently, RFID tags cost about 20 cents. RDIF tag manufacturer Alien Technology said the United States, the annual production of over 10 billion, the label cost can be reduced to 10 cents less. The price for this car, refrigerator, television, mobile phones and other goods may be worth mentioning, but for light bulbs, toothpaste, and other low-cost commodities, is still too high. For RFID manufacturers, the cost is a dilemma, the cost is too high, the application pressure; costs kept too low, the manufacturing sector also lost profits. Currently, RFID and logistics-related costs, only to balance through the entire supply chain. But developing countries are often low in the supply chain links, the number of cost control for the initiative it ?

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