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Ic MUR810

Snipers DEG53-RA is a limited edition players currently on the market the only 599 yuan a pure DDR3 memory 790GX, pure DDR3 built 790GX, processor performance can be perfect to play PhenomII provide four DDR3 memory inserted slot, can support DDR3 memory specification DDR31333/1066, maximum support 8GB memory capacity, and IC MUR810 and pure DDR3 memory design, relative to the D2/D3 mixed motherboard, memory capacity is not enough in the future, you can upgrade the memory space has # # # Sniper DEG53-RA # # Player AM3 Limited Edition features a native interface, the interface provides SocketAM3 PhenomII native processor support is upcoming PhenomIIX2550 black box the best option, snipers DEG53-RA limited edition player's SB750 south by bridge, enables easy overclocking, while snipers DEG53-RA player or sniper series of limited edition launch of the first green energy-saving version of the product and, therefore, adopted the green PCB design.

MUR810 Suppliers

, therefore, available in a stable release a new version of the firmware update process, all involved in models of Seagate / Maxtor hard drive users not to Download SD1A/MX1A from any source version of the firmware has been downloaded and MUR810 Suppliers and do not upgrade.

MUR810 Price

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