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Ic MX29LV400BTC-70

Video leader BenQ LCD Monitor BenQ announced that its FP93GX +, FP93GS WindowsVistaBasic certified by Microsoft, which made the worlds first liquid crystal display manufacturers WindowsVista certification. In addition to BenQFP93GX + and IC MX29LV400BTC-70 and FP93GS, BenQ main game group, with 24-inch Widescreen HDMI terminal and 22-inch LCD monitor FP241VW Widescreen LCD Monitor FP222WH, is expected to achieve in the end of November 2006 Microsoft WindowsVistaPremium certification, becoming the worlds first HDMI LCD made WindowsVistaPremium certification display. Meanwhile, BenQ LCD monitor will be completed in early 2007, Microsoft WindowsVista full product line meet the specifications and obtain certification. November 9, 2006, BenQ 19-inch in Guilin to release its full-size 24-inch widescreen LCD display new products, and publish the latest vision technology "was the second-generation color technology Senseye +", released over the same period FP93GS, in addition to full compliance with WindowsVista specification , equipped with "Senseye + photo" true WYSIWYG color technology, and more in a series of industry-leading hardware specifications: 5ms (unit: ms) speed response time, 800:1 high contrast ratio, 300 nits high brightness, Canada with 16.7 million true colors, to ensure that the details of the screen captures to show the true, beautiful perfect display. To meet the WindowsVista come to better meet their multimedia capabilities, the trend of high-quality rendering, BenQ LCD monitors will adhere to the reflection of the real (SensetheReality), enhanced dynamic display (SensetheMotion), fully supports the latest industry standard (SensetheVision) commitment to quality continuously optimize the product. FP93GX +, FP93GS through rigorous testing, suitable for users with high-definition multimedia interface, video and WindowsVista operating needs; addition, BenQ24-inch FP241VW and 22-inch wide-screen widescreen FP222WH, both in image signal processing chip, or in the real color present on both the demand for next-generation display design. Driven by Vista in the coming high-definition wide-screen LCD monitor turmoil, BenQ series of LCD products will give consumers the work, entertainment, life, experience more happiness.

MX29LV400BTC-70 Suppliers

Kingston HyperX memory series has been a respected enthusiast memory products, DDR21066 blue heat sink has a full coverage, comprehensive coverage of the entire PCB board for memory, thermal heat protection to provide comprehensive and MX29LV400BTC-70 Suppliers and thoughtful.

MX29LV400BTC-70 Price

VSMP0603 with minimal changes to address the unusual environmental conditions, according to EEE-INST-002 and MX29LV400BTC-70 Price and MIL-PRF 55342 specifications, the product is ideal for military / aerospace application. The basic components as analog applications, the resistor structure can ensure high reliability, stable operation under harsh conditions, and thermal shock, mechanical shock and vibration of the excellent performance.

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