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Ic MX602DW

ICCOX650 (8G) with built-in lithium battery, is said to support 20 hours continuous music playback (black screen mode) or 10 hours of continuous video playback. In other words, to calculate 2 hours a movie, the user can continuously watch five movies, without worrying about a sudden power failure.

MX602DW Suppliers

"Bill not too early, because the market is immature, it will bring a lot of side effects; too late even if the rules have no meaning, so take off in the industry hair the best. "Tang Bin, in 2007, and MX602DW Suppliers and the license key industries such as electronic ticket, led by electronic payment industry is facing major inflection point before the outbreak. STMi revenue rose 3.1% to 10.27 billion U.S. dollars, moved up one place to No. 5, squeezing out the Infineon (Infineon Technologies AG, Qimonda does not contain Qimonda).

MX602DW Price

On the other hand, the total capacity of the module power supply market is limited. It is expected to DC-DC module power market, the capacity of the Chinese market in 2 to 3 billion U.S. dollars, domestic and MX602DW Price and international competition among manufacturers of power modules are also becoming increasingly fierce. In order to meet the needs of customers continue to cut prices, leading the company through management optimization to shorten the development cycle, manufacturing process optimization to improve straight-through rate, close to the customer design, improve the technological content and other measures to seize the market, and through strengthening the production and testing of hardware and software into automated, strengthen the reliability of the design, electromagnetic compatibility and lead-free technical support. "We rely on a simple imitation of the small and medium-scale power module manufacturers as customers in terms of reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, such as lead-free requirements in terms of increasing the price getting lower and lower the pressure, will not be able to ensure that the needs of large customers will not have much room for development. "Beijing vice president of research and development of new mine can Wang Shiming said.

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