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Ic MXL1013DS8

[NEW YORK Aug. 25 Beijing News], as the world's first touch screen phone the founder, LG, with its touch technology in the wisdom of the first to see the whole direction of the field of touch screen mobile phone launched the LGKP500, and IC MXL1013DS8 and it played a very affinity name - Cookie (Cookie). LG Cookie With its fashionable appearance, taste Touch Operation and convenient features, and affinity for the full price, setting off a burst of popularity of the storm Touch phone. Since listing in a short period of five months, LGKP500 has sold 2 million units, but sales continued to rise. LG also plans to sell region increased from 40 to 60 countries and annual sales of 10 million impact on the target.

MXL1013DS8 Suppliers

KP500 touch screen to achieve a unique high-end full touch screen handset configuration level to enable more people to enjoy three inches through its large touch screen, the joy of freedom. Touch screen display for the three-dimensional, dynamic Flash interface, dazzling 3D flip effect than the traditional fun of five-way navigation button doubled, gently wave is another round of new heaven and MXL1013DS8 Suppliers and earth. Desktop widget Widget is essential popular, especially for the distinctive, independent self tidal wave of men and women who, in a unique fashion identity of the phone's desktop is the practice of one of the highlights. Whether the calendar, clock, radio, or text messaging or even media player, just gently move your finger, you can easily in the "cookie" on the desktop to drag and drop, like the picture sketched heart.

MXL1013DS8 Price

The audio side, G6HD perfect sound quality but shocking, no less in the performance of any product. It supports MP3, WMA music playback and MXL1013DS8 Price and other formats, and added to the APE / FLAC lossless audio format support, support PlayFX sound, so that better performance of high-quality music. Its unique "fine sound" audio solution for layering sounds, more sense of space, easy online Teana sound quality, immersive audio experience.

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