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Ic MXL1013IS8

CEM820 equipped with a Socket 478 Intel Pentium M architecture, and IC MXL1013IS8 and board structure of the central low-power Intel Celeron M processor, support 400/533MHz FSB (FSB) rate, integrated graphics controller, and has PCI Express x16 bus width. AXIOMTEK said, COM Express type-II module provides powerful options to help developers rapidly develop low-power applications platform, and reduce time to market.

MXL1013IS8 Suppliers

The U.S. Securities and MXL1013IS8 Suppliers and Exchange Commission on Dells "financial fraud" fine of 1 billion, but Dells chairman Michael Dell (Michael Dell) only agreed to pay $ 4,000,000 in fines. Up to now, Dell is not on the SECs decision to accept or reject said.

MXL1013IS8 Price

The step-down applications in order to drive high-brightness LED, Catalyst Semiconductor has developed an alternative to linear regulators, and MXL1013IS8 Price and more down simpler and more compact voltage converter. CAT4201 using T-SOT-23 package, can drive up to 94% of the efficiency of high brightness 350mA LED. CAT4201 uses a Catalyst switch control algorithm, which is said to reduce system complexity and improve efficiency. It can be up to 24V power supply, use the RSET control resistor to regulate the LED current will be available for up to default to 350mA, thus providing better inductor control and without the use of special heat sink. Load the pump protection features built-in handle allows safe 40V transient voltage, thus optimizing the CAT4201, including in the car lights and turn signals, brake lights and map reading lights lighting applications, including performance.

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