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Ic N74F244D

9 Yue 10 news, product review sites, according to confirmed that Sony Ericssons "PSP phone" most likely released next year in February, the first quarter of next year for sure The. Sony Ericsson is usually taken into account at the beginning of the most successful mobile phone launch its own brand, such as the "Walkman" and IC N74F244D and "Cybershot", launched in early next year, PSP phone is important. Therefore, the Sony PS brand products introduced at that time may cause a sensation. We have reason to believe that this phone will configure the motion sensor and patented by Sonys use of iPhone-like screen to operate the function.

N74F244D Suppliers

Recently, in Shenzhen - the signing ceremony in Cairo on trade and N74F244D Suppliers and economic cooperation projects, 16 enterprises in Shenzhen winning 196 million U.S. dollars of high-tech cooperation projects and large unit, contracted projects mainly related to communications equipment, computer software and mobile phone production and sales and other fields. Huawei communications equipment and telephone company in Egypt cooperation agreement total $ 50,000,000 investment; Shenzhen City West may be communication technology equipment company and Egypt signed a three-year AL Starkey of 300 million mobile phones a total of $ 50,000,000 in sales contracts; Shenzhen Han Laser Trading Company and the Egyptian city of laser equipment agent signed cooperation agreement, the project investment $ 4,600,000.

N74F244D Price

for the current existence of the domestic mobile phone market, black, chaotic phenomena and N74F244D Price and the high rate of complaints, the Ministry of Information Industry, will be issued on the basis of special rectification industry standards, norms, including consumer electronics, including mobile phones aftermarket products. In yesterdays "Chinas first mobile phone service industry day" conference, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Director of Economic Operation Market Huang Jianzhong said the Ministry of Information Industry launched phone service in the special survey, is working with industry experts to develop industry standards . It is reported that The "Consumer Electronics service specifications," the industry standard from the draft last year, the current General Part has been completed, if successful, will be the end of this year or early next year officially promulgated. Just yesterday, the China Communications Industry Association launched mobile phone service committee, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo, TCL, Haier, Konka, launched by eight domestic and international mobile phone business mobile phone industry of domestic services at first, and published joint declaration, standard mobile phone service market, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Manufacturers have also issued initiative, starting this year, every year on September 9 as "mobile phone service day."

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