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Recently, the China Chamber of Commerce Committee of the oil flow Zhao, president of Friends of Mountain in the "2007 China Development Forum, the oil distribution industry, press briefing," the meeting said, "National Development Reform Commission is studying each of the domestic private oil enterprises will provide 500 million tons of refined oil programs, the introduction of this policy is expected in October. "But this argument has not been confirmed by the NDRC.

N80930AD4 Suppliers

Ningbo Hualong Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Yalong said that this years production of semiconductor materials industry may be less than half before the financial crisis. It is reported that the fourth quarter of 2008, sharp deterioration of silicon materials market, not only semiconductor companies, manufacturers of solar photovoltaic cells also appeared in a drop in demand, which is more severe decline in demand for semiconductor manufacturers. "In 2009, semiconductor grade silicon will be negative growth in solar grade will also be a negative growth while prices come down quickly as polysilicon, silicon prices will also be relatively large decline." CCID Consulting analyst Xu Peng said. According to CCID Consulting predicts that sales of semiconductor silicon materials in 2009 is expected to reach 580 million square inches, down 4.5%; sales expected to reach 5.9 billion, down 7.3%, which is the first time in nearly 7 years down.

N80930AD4 Price

Court recently launched by the South Korean Hyun DAH-1500 claims to be the world's smallest MP3 player. DAH-1500 boxy body shape, small size, body size is 24 × 24 × 24mm. Superposition of three DAH-1500's iAudio U2 not high. If for a compact body of the DAH-1500 to ignore the features you are wrong. DAH-1500's range of features MP3 playback, built-in FM tuner, and N80930AD4 Price and even the body is also equipped with an LCD screen, but can support up to 20 hours of play time. Because space is limited, DAH-1500's headphone jack while the role of the interface with the data connections, through the DAH-1500 Once again we have to praise South Korean MP3 manufacturers of innovative and unique design. Click the picture to enjoy the beautiful larger

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