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Ic N82C55A2

M9081 with a variety of leading application processor compatible, it is thanks to a built-in, 2.6W high efficiency, can be among the AB class and IC N82C55A2 and the class D speaker amplifier conversion, dynamic range controller and a fully programmable coefficients with various bands ReTune Mobile5 parameterized equalizer. ReTune Mobile can be used to configure a variety of EQ modes (such as rock, pop, jazz, etc.), and can also be used to compensate electric speaker frequency response.

N82C55A2 Suppliers

[ Brand Model] Furi v208 [Reference price] 199 yuan [sales business] Hongxin through mobile phone network [business address] 11 Main Street, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun e World Digital Plaza, Room 1156, 11th Floor, Block C [business telephone] Beijing :010 -6268497062684971 :021 -63179281 Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang :024 :0755 -8304848183048482 -8850422688516395 Taiyuan, Xi'an :029 :0351 -4,155,167 -87,209,005 -86,789,313 :028 Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou :020 :0371 -69,328,082 -83,762,780 # # # # # As a licensed domestic mobile phone, the aircraft's function is very useful, it has the most basic audio and N82C55A2 Suppliers and video entertainment, and also supports the TF card expansion and other functions, can be said, though small, fully-equipped. The selling price, the price of the aircraft less than 200 yuan a music player than the cheaper, like the phone's friends may wish to contact our business !

N82C55A2 Price

According to Taiwan's DigiTimes web analytics, this i7960 processor cache size and N82C55A2 Price and other parameters may remain the same specifications with the i7950. Although the fall will be listed, but its price is not known, the parties are expected to be down 500-700 dollars. Two new Celeron E3000 series processors will have detailed information outflow, in which E3200 is 2.4GHz, E3300 is 2.5GHz, the secondary cache are 1MB, also support the virtualization technology, more worth the wait!

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