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Ic NDS0605

Learned, is not yet final "decision" of the investment projects, and IC NDS0605 and launched the country recently announced in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and several other high-generation line of investment patterns are different, it may be the main source of technology with self- way to solve research and development, and domestic companies, which instead of introducing. Since yesterday, every Sunday, a reporter tried to Konka, TCL, Changhong, and other relevant enterprises asking "whether to participate or lead the high-generation line joint venture", but not by poor access to the exact message.

NDS0605 Suppliers

Appearance, at first glance, the appearance of modern HY-205 form and NDS0605 Suppliers and the recent launch of HY-206 is quite a bit similar, just like the look, the top two box speakers were two round, pure black The brilliant appearance with orange trim, stylish Smart, modern HY-206 is different is that the bottom of the modern HY-205 has a small "tripod" support. More fashion cute. HY-206 is designed volume control knob on the back, plus the left and the USB signal input output hole hole. Overall simple and generous, at a glance.

NDS0605 Price

Recently, this reporter from the State Administration of Radio, held in Qingdao, digital cable TV media conference learned that in 2004 the number of radio and NDS0605 Price and television in China and industrialization of years. Beginning this year, and comprehensively promote the overall cable TV from analog to digital conversion. Expected that by 2005 cable digital TV users in China will reach 30 million, and will stop analogue television by 2015, broadcast. At present, most of the radio and television stations in the program acquisition, production, broadcast, disseminate the basic realization of the digital link, only to receive part of the users TV or analog, improved the most simple way is to add an existing user TV install a digital set-top box. Using digital technology, people can see the family TV DVD-clear television pictures, enjoy cinema sound, sending dozens of sets of channels can be increased to 500 units. Users can not only see the existing TV channels, as well as the diversity of the new offering, professional, personalized programs, access to government and many in the past such as the television only to provide news and information network. Users can also use set-top boxes to store their favorite programs, and bring up at a convenient time viewing, from passively "watching" TV into autonomously "with" TV. Digital TV "three steps" in 2003 and comprehensively promote digital cable TV; 2005 to digital satellite broadcasting business, while carrying out digital terrestrial television trial; 2008 to comprehensively promote terrestrial digital TV. First in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other 40 cities and six provinces to establish demonstration of digital cable television network, a comprehensive pilot.

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