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Ic NE527D

This product is compatible to a good SLR digital camera, DV products, and IC NE527D and PDA, etc., to achieve a variety of high-speed capabilities, the company also TwinMOS 8G capacity in the recently introduced high-speed CF cards.

NE527D Suppliers

store sales personnel, according to the traditional CCFL backlit LCD TV size is too big or too small, are vulnerable to high energy consumption, but LED-backlit LCD TV to the basic problem does not occur. Reporter noted that several in the sale of LED LCD TV is gradually approaching the price of an ordinary LCD television, such as a 42-inch LED-backlit Changhong TV offer for 5790 yuan, while the 42-inch rainbow CCFL-backlit LCD TV prices to 4,000 yuan. Although the LED-backlit TVs expensive, but compared with the ordinary LCD TVs, has been relatively much smaller margin.

NE527D Price

Silicon wafer leading LDK (LDK) Recently, Peng Xiaofeng, chairman of the semiconductor and NE527D Price and solar (SemicONductor, Solar; referred to as 2S industry) demand at the peak of the same, so the current global shortage of polysilicon occurs, supply and demand gap of 2 percent. LDK will be in the field of solar energy development model toward the "dumbbell" model development, the silicon wafer and module will be the focus of the layout in 2011.

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