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In the opening ceremony of the IDF to AMD in Beijing with Chinas Ministry of Science and IC NE555D and microprocessor design technology licensing signed the memorandum of understanding to this event, Intel vice president and general manager of Channel Platforms Group Xiaomu Lian (William M. Siu) in reply how the media treated this incident, said the opponents do not want to comment on the strategy front. But in the subsequent speech, he thinks of countries such as China, need to get the latest technology, and AMDs technology is the transfer of the technology ten years ago and can not help Chinas technology development.

NE555D Suppliers

The semiconductor industry in the acquisition market is multi-polar performance, although the U.S. venture capital funds invested in the semiconductor industry slowdown, but the case appears to accelerate the acquisition of private capital signs. Partner of private investment FranciscoPartners DipanjanDeb said it expects the acquisition of private capital will have more cases occur, particularly for medium-sized chip companies, Deb at Dow Jones & Company (DowJones & Co.) Sponsored MicroVentures meeting, said: "The future will to see more cases similar to the acquisition of Freescale. Meanwhile, the scale is expected to be a lot less than 10 billion takeover. "He was referring to a private investment firm recently bought Freescale. In venture capital, according to VentureOne research manager JessicaCanning senior point of view, the U.S. semiconductor industry in 2006 the overall scale of financing emerging companies will show a decline. Dow Jones VentureOne is a venture capital research. According to VentureOne statistics, in 2005 the U.S. semiconductor industry, a total of 148 venture capital transactions, financing amounted to 1.9 billion. VentureOne is expected in 2006, the U.S. semiconductor industry will have a total of 135 venture capital transactions, is expected to raise U.S. semiconductor start-up companies a total of 18 billion U.S. dollars. this year in June, AMD filed a lawsuit accusing Intel of using illegal means to suppress and NE555D Suppliers and other computer makers to stop buying AMD processors, in violation of U.S. antitrust laws. Present, the case has entered the investigation and evidence collection stage, but AMD is likely to testify in this case no one in the face of the embarrassing situation.

NE555D Price

Bai Hong-than-expected April sales: Bai Hong-than-expected April sales, was 3.23 billion New Taiwan dollars, lower than previous industry estimates 3.8 to 3.9 billion Taiwan dollars. Bai Hong-SMD product portfolio to account for 45%, Lamp and NE555D Price and Display 25%, IR 28% decline in revenue primarily from the Lamp, display and infrared, Bai expected revenue can be hung in May rose to 3.6 to 3.8 billion 2008 second quarter revenue growth of 15.6%, up to 11 billion New Taiwan dollars, gross margin rose to 21.5%. In fact, AMD and Both Intel is very concerned about the attitude of the association. Recently, foreign media reported Oct. 25 Lenovo AMD issued by Delaware state court summons and did refused to return, while NEC and Toshiba had also made the same representation.

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