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As the air boss, the total sentence Gree Dong "to maintain the flexibility of price policy" is undoubtedly the most powerful, but also the most unpredictable; the United States as the second oldest air-conditioning industry, recently much in general meeting Fang Fangcheng recognition, prices will keep an eye on Griffith: "youngest" Haier has an ambiguous attitude, that look at the market price or not. According to Griffith last weekend, told us, but not survey confirmed the latest news, the Guangzhou area, not raising their prices this year, Gree air-conditioning. Gree air conditioning prices of basic decentralized decision-making power of the regional sales companies, and IC NE555DT and other areas will catch up is hard to generalize. But at least sent a message to us: air conditioning prices currently thunder, little rain.

NE555DT Suppliers

Relay market oversupply has emerged most of the traditional product supply and NE555DT Suppliers and demand balance and the overall situation, most of the relay product oversupply. Some manufacturers believe that the industrys profit margin has gone down, it pulled out of the field and turned the other direction. It is understood that this IIC, only two relays exhibitors, Wanli Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the Fort. Manley Castle Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of general purpose relays manufacturers, the main products are electromechanical relays, electrical control switches. Wu Zhirong the company manager, said: "There are many relay manufacturers, the competition is intense and raw materials prices are rising, and our way and very difficult to fight for market price, so we face a lot of pressure." But he also said: "Although the relay low profit margin, but we still stay in this industry, because the market demand for the relay has been steady, almost all electronic products require it, so the market still exists. "Automotive relays are widely used to control the car, air conditioning, lighting, security, audio, navigation, airbags and automotive electronics instrumentation and fault diagnosis system, it is second only to the most widely used sensors in automotive electronic components of automotive one. Currently, a number of semiconductor devices used in cars to replace the control relay, the relay will gradually lose the market for this problem, Wu Zhirong said: "I think some of the advantages of the relay is not a substitute for semiconductor devices, for example, in North America, Europe, the temperature difference between day and night, the temperature of semiconductor devices, mainly the current possible. Moreover, in some areas require high power, the relay is very obvious advantages. "But he added:" in the small appliance industry, but also replace the relays in the case of semiconductor devices, compared with vehicle control, this will probably become the trend earlier. "relays in the communications, automotive, industrial, appliances and other industries facing a more and more popular consumer groups, manufacturers introduced better performance of products, competitive pressures forced the market price and cost become the subject of continuous improvement. As Wu Zhirong said: "As a component supplier in this industry, we need to introduce quality assured products, to provide better service in order to challenge the pressure to compete better."

NE555DT Price

2008 Nian 1-10 months, Fujian province exported 16.11 billion U.S. dollars of information products, up 36.4% over the previous year, the province accounted for 33.5% of total exports, exports of machinery and NE555DT Price and electronic products accounted for 70.2 %. In 2008 the province is expected to export 17 billion U.S. dollars of information products, the goal can be achieved.

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