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Ic NJM2115V(TE1)

The biggest characteristic of the aircraft 500 million pixel digital camera with special lenses, and IC NJM2115V(TE1) and the use of the latest 301PLH Vimicro chips, make the image clearer and less distorted. Shooting a 360-degree angle; a maximum resolution of 1280 × 960,10 times digital zoom, image zoom in and out smoothly! Also has 15 image effects and 9 frames feature. Portrait automatic tracking feature allows you to either move, V8 can also automatically adjust the focus to "follow" your movement Oh!

NJM2115V(TE1) Suppliers

Japanese ACHILLES published by August 2006 the "nano-dispersed polypyrrole (PPy) solution," developed out of the resin surface plating technology. The company plans to apply this new technology wave shielding film, transparent film antennas and NJM2115V(TE1) Suppliers and IC tags. Some of these products are in stepping up the development phase, aimed at achieving practical use in spring 2008.

NJM2115V(TE1) Price

Is not just right for this alone. Samsung's new 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor 225BW screen using the ratio of 16:10, very close to the golden ratio of 1:0.618 split, so it displays than the traditional 4:3 screen ratio more in line with the human visual habits, can make view to achieve the most comfortable state, no longer waiting in front of the TV every night

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