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Ic NRF2401

With the development of multimedia technology, home entertainment trend of diversified development of the terminal. In 2007 the total output of component systems and IC NRF2401 and home theater 67,910,000 units, of which domestic sales of 672 million units. Car audio production was 35.57 million units, of which domestic sales of 5.5 million units, the total output in 2007 is expected to reach 40 million units, of which about 700 million units in domestic sales. Professional audio production was 28.57 million units, of which 2.34 million domestic units. PMP, along with capacity increases, the function of the increasing consumption of fashion will become increasingly attractive to a family of large, market capacity in 2007 will be more than 1000 million. PMP is a large platform, including MP3, MP4, MP5. Today, MP3 and MP4 functions and market development has been relatively mature, and portable media players with the changing market demand, based on the original must be improved and developed, MP5 appearance, especially its video resources available solution, which for the large industry, is a major breakthrough.

NRF2401 Suppliers

Thunder warships set to look at the keyboard, this keyboard is a standard 104 key layout, whole body pure black, the overall full of atmosphere, the details of fine intentions, this sets the keyboard is the most intuitive experience for us. The keyboard has a raised curved patio cover structure, gives a feeling of heaven full of auspicious stable; keyboard around the wavy line of decorative art mirror-polished, clever lines sketched out the whole keyboard, but the main structure and NRF2401 Suppliers and key keyboard All matte design, but also bring out the keyboard's overall texture.

NRF2401 Price

Mobile Intel vice president and NRF2401 Price and general manager of Mobile Platforms Group, said Wu Muli 17, Intel is working with ODM and OEM manufacturers such as Asus, Compal, Volkswagen, Wistron, Gigabyte, MSI, Quanta, and panel business, to establish a standard laptop components.

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