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Refers to "nail house", we may think of the recent demolition of housing in the "nail house" news. However, we introduce here the "nail house" is the three heroes Connaught audio products in the new H-223 speakers! Reason to give it the placement of "nail house" in the name of the first, but also because it will be in a highly competitive the market has not brought down by Yi Li "nail" image, and IC OP14CS and because with excellent quality, powerful cost-effective, will be the hero of the three Sino-selling series of long-term "nail house" products.

OP14CS Suppliers

2009 annual "China Chip" selection 56 companies received a total of 73 submitted product applications include computer and OP14CS Suppliers and peripheral equipment, mobile communications, consumer electronics and satellite communications. 47 of 58 IC design companies participated in this chip, the chip selection and presentation awards, including 20 models of the chip in the "Best Market Performance Award" competition in the chip section 38 "Most Promising Award" competition; for three consecutive years, "China chip" award of the three companies involved in the "Best Design Enterprises" selection; order to promote the chip and the whole of the linkage, this year also added a "Most Innovative Application Award" project, a total of nine whole enterprise 15 products involved. Accordance with the "China Chip" selection scoring rules developed by the leading group, after expert assessment of heated debate and careful appraisal, combined with web voting to finalize the fourth "China chip" peer-reviewed results.

OP14CS Price

AMD's AM2CPU comprehensive listing, although the relative 939/754 AM2 CPU's CPU's no significant performance boost, but the win in the unified interface and OP14CS Price and a comprehensive introduction of the DDR2 memory support, and AM2 platforms support both dual-channel memory mode, making high-end platform, the performance gap is not as big as the NF4 era, and 939/754CPU the fine tradition of low power consumption, but also to the continuation of the AM2CPU, so fast After listing, AM2CPU quickly accepted, into the mainstream. AMDCPU the best stand, non-NVIDIA's nForce series of chipsets is none other than, and in AMD's AM2 CPU into the same era, NVIDIA also released a new generation of nForce chipsets: nForce5 series, trying to use the return NF4 era of glory . Actively cooperate with the major motherboard manufacturers in the nForce5 release, nForce5 the board a lot of the market. Squandering charming eyes, how to find a good number of the motherboard motherboard? In our selection, Biostar Tforce550 became the ultimate goal.

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