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"In order to achieve sustained in 2009, the profitability, we are operating our business carefully. With our low-cost principle, the strong support of our suppliers, and IC OP27GS and the current in the customer base expansion and diversification of the success, we believe that our 2009 full year gross margin will be at least 16% during this period of instability as we consolidate and strengthen on business, this amount may also improved. Even if the current market conditions continue for a period of time, JA Solar will continue to flourish. we will be able to seize the small business to miss the opportunity to further expand our market share and improve profitability ."

OP27GS Suppliers

pure electric vehicles, the biggest bottleneck is the battery. The requirements of the battery electric vehicles is relatively high, high specific energy, high specific power, fast charge and OP27GS Suppliers and with the depth of discharge function, circulation and long service life. Lead-acid battery as a relatively mature technology, although its specific energy, specific power and energy density are relatively low, but the high cost and high rate discharge, becoming the only mass produced electric vehicle batteries. Nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries although the performance is better than lead-acid batteries, but its cost is not high, heavy metals, spent on the environment after the abandonment will cause serious pollution. 2008 fiscal year revenues of $ 8,130,000,000 total over 2007s $ 9,730,000,000 in fiscal year fell 16%. Net income of $ 961,000,000, far below the fiscal 2007 to 17.1 billion U.S. dollars. New orders for fiscal year 2008, $ 9,160,000,000, less than in fiscal 2007 compared to 96.8 billion U.S. dollars.

OP27GS Price

Yesterday, with the first foundation pile drilling Root, the nations largest TFT-LCD production line base - Beijing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd. 8th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display project officially started the construction of foundation piles. Completion of the project will be the end of large-size LCD panel demand entirely dependent on imports. the worlds largest semiconductor equipment supplier Applied Materials Inc. has announced the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008 and OP27GS Price and earnings situation.

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