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For the domestic mobile phone users, the tariff is also inextricably linked since the death of knots. Telephone Number through the 3G mobile phone, there are many users call for mobile operators to reduce the current mobile phone rates. According to China Mobiles standard tariff, during the trial business, 3G mobile voice service pricing is slightly lower than the existing 2G mobile phone charges, but there are still many people think that 3G phones in other countries compared to the standard tariff, which the country a standard tariff was too high.

OP37G Suppliers

Although the mobile phone manufacturers and OP37G Suppliers and mobile operators regarded 3G mobile video phones as the biggest selling point, but users Wang, this is a gimmick but a yell: "Ive asked friends abroad, they will not use the 3G mobile video phones to play? results of others answer, only used when buying a mobile phone. "pragmatic such as Wang users tend to feel: the function of the existing 2G mobile phone is more than sufficient" number of G is useless then. "According to a Sina ongoing The survey revealed that almost half of Internet users that the function of 2G mobile phones have been enough, there are phone calls and the phone WAP site has been very good.

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Yesterday, the media reported that Shanghais TD mobile phone test not ideal. On the one hand the test in the video telephone call can not get through times when the situation calls also occurred in the phenomenon of delayed images; the other hand, 3G networks are still a lot of testing, a lot of new 3G services can not work properly. The 3G network in Beijing is satisfied with the actual coverage, I am afraid have to wait for consumers to spend before you can appreciate the phone.

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