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Ic OP482GS

IC manufacturing, the closer the limit Moores Law, the semiconductor products will enter the era of little profit, for the manufacturing and IC OP482GS and IC packaging and testing industry, how to get maximum benefits under the existing conditions also IC packaging and testing company to become a topic of concern. From Applied Materials, IBM and other companies on how to improve the packaging and testing plant productivity and cost efficiency of the topics received considerable attention. As the entire IC industry chain more closely with the degree, from the design end to end packaging and testing interactive integration have become increasingly evident. Some packaging and testing the reliability of the IC design issues need to be fully understood and considered terminal, but the ultimate test for product reliability and performance of more and more obvious, cost-efficient and more integrated solutions will be sought from the conference are is also reflected on the reliability of IC design and testing requirements in the further. In steady growth in the industry today, the vertically integrated supply chain using various industries will receive the maximum yield, production rate and the fastest time to market.

OP482GS Suppliers

more than 2007 domestic IC packaging and OP482GS Suppliers and testing plant for a major expansion of the size, strong impetus to the domestic IC packaging and testing industry to achieve higher growth. Bike Yun pointed out that domestic market demand is mainly concentrated in the middle and low packaging products, but with the industry, will require a large number of high-end package IC. Rapid increase in chip integration, high-end packaging products, the technical content increased, the cost of IC packaging and testing was the proportion of the cost of increased price volatility and less affected by the integrated circuit. Introduction of new packaging technology, to industry with new opportunities, business opportunities and challenges. He said that China should vigorously promote the use of advanced packaging technology (SoP and 3D), wafer micro-solder balls, C4NP process, TSV technology high density interconnect technology to enable us to build on the existing industry globally competitive The IC packaging and testing of large companies, to narrow the distance with world-class, to ensure that our packaging and testing industry can continue to develop by leaps and bounds.

OP482GS Price

, held recently in Dalian, Chinas semiconductor assembly and OP482GS Price and test sixth technology and market seminar was informed that, in the IC design, chip manufacturing and packaging and testing industry in both the three and coordinated development pattern, closed in 2007 measure the fastest growing industry to become a part, achieved sales of 62.77 billion yuan, an increase of 26.4% in the industrial chain share from 49.4% in 2006 increased to 50.2%. China Semiconductor Industry Association branch chairman, vice chairman and packaging Bike Yun said, "China needs to accelerate innovation in the advanced packaging technology to ensure the rapid development of IC packaging and testing industry ."

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