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Ic OPA2130PA

California-based semiconductor support service providers GlobalEquipmentServices (GES) company recently received a Technology Center in Vietnam authorization in order to enhance the rapid development of electronics industry in Vietnam. GESVietnam planning to spend about 036 million U.S. dollars in the outskirts of Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Park (SHTP) to establish manufacturing and IC OPA2130PA and training center, which will soon become the largest global network of Intel assembly and test facility. GES facility will be operational in September 2008, will employ 500 local engineers. An area of 6,000 square meters of center will perform a variety of functions, including semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing equipment upgrades and design changes, and training engineers to service the equipment for other areas. GES executive vice president of MartyMason said the company will only occupy part of the plant area, plan to plant leased to other companies. As more and more investors and high-tech park in Vietnam plant, GES expect here a large customer base. Renesas and JabilCircuit is one of the two plan to build a new plant in the region of the company. Mason said, "Although the infrastructure has just begun development, but stationed in promoting the necessary features such as Intels customers far behind schedule, there are several factories in SHTP has been completed and begin operations, including equipment manufacturers and technology development business ... ... We look forward to Vietnam with China as an example, the first open more electronics assembly and manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing along the supply in this area. "

OPA2130PA Suppliers

This year, the support of relevant national policies, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Kunshan, LCD panel and OPA2130PA Suppliers and other places have launched the project, especially this year in September, with a total investment of 600 billion yuan in Nanjing, "Crystal Valley" project start building. "According to our estimates, by 2012, only the domestic demand for liquid crystal rose from 25 tons to 200 tons, with international advanced level, but cheaper than the liquid crystal material imports nearly one-third of the domestic liquid crystal materials will have great market prospects. "Sun Jian said, following the research center in Nanjing, the next year, the company will also build in Hop Kuah liquid crystal material covering 80 acres of chemical synthesis plant, to achieve scale production of liquid crystal material, the more the heart of the LCD panel with the "Nanjing-made."

OPA2130PA Price

class specification in order to achieve the lighting on the power factor requirements and OPA2130PA Price and meet low-cost LED lighting / decorative lights market, the products in the circuit design on the use of single-stage PFC architecture The most economical way to reach a high PF value of the request. In addition, PLP-30/60 maximum operating efficiency up to 89%, it can be filled using only free air convection work in -30 ~ +60 ℃, the maximum ambient temperature 70 ℃, in line lighting system, the operating environment of the high closed loop temperature requirements. The output current can be adjusted by built-in variable resistor 75 to 100% in the range of rated current, greatly increasing the flexibility of system design. Other standard functions include short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection. PLP-30/60 remove the chassis with micro-series of substrates (4 "* 2") design, the power is not suitable for housing or built in LED lighting system of occasions, typical applications include LED lighting , LED electronic billboards, LED decorative power, LED stage lights. Built-in active PFC, meet the harmonic current EN61000-3-2 Class C requirements (more than 75% load )

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