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Ic OPA2658U

annual International IC Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China) on the power IC manufacturers are the largest one of the highlights this year is no exception, IIC-China2008 Power IC manufacturers exhibition site brings together many, competing programs display their new products. Among these, long-Express in a variety of Shenzhen and IC OPA2658U and the LED driver IC PMIC applications attract a lot of the audiences attention.

OPA2658U Suppliers

With the increasing global importance of environmental protection energy saving, energy efficient market demand for electronic products is growing, the importance of the power IC in which to climb. Environmental protection, energy saving, energy saving ideas drive a wide range of LED technology and OPA2658U Suppliers and its applications continue to expand, particularly in high-brightness LED LED lighting has become the fastest growing applications. Characteristics and advantages of LED related attracted wide market prospects of many IC manufacturers have the power to intervene. LED applications will be the future trend of large-size LCD TVs, automotive LED, large display boards, laptop backlighting, LED lamps, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, and even home lighting market. With indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive headlights and LED LCD TV backlight applications driving such large numbers, LED products in the 3C or 4C are tremendous business opportunities emerge, many IC manufacturers have the layout of the power LED application market, the formation of R & D and actively develop related products program.

OPA2658U Price

Johnson & Johnsons first solar photovoltaic power plant using the companys latest production of amorphous silicon thin film batteries, the main material needed for the building and OPA2658U Price and the overall costs dropped significantly, the project construction cost and power cost is only about 40% of polycrystalline silicon cells. Cell conversion rate increased with the film and further reduce production costs, two years later, the cost of 1 MW power plant is expected to down to 20 million yuan less than three years fell to 15 million yuan, one-third of the current projects and regular quarter. Low-cost power plant construction, electricity price per unit will gradually be reduced to 1 yuan, the photovoltaic power generation in remote areas of central and western China, especially in shortage areas generally promote the use of film as possible. At present, there are still 30 million in remote areas without electricity residents, the existing desert land about 200 million square kilometers, of which 1% if used to build photovoltaic power plants, its total power generation is equivalent to all the countrys thermal power, hydropower, wind power , nuclear power and other energy sources combined. PV power plant built in the desert, is equivalent to the desert green screen cover, reduce water loss, which will build protection zone, to increase tourism landscape, prevent desertification energy-saving environmental degradation to explore a new path.

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