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in the 3-4 month period, the macro- thermal micro-cold conditions, some funds may temporarily leave the stock market hedging. Especially for pre-or large garbage stocks, shares a considerable part of the small plates, the lack of performance support for new energy stocks. Also, Showa Denko KK also plans by 2015 to enhance the luminous efficiency of the device to 150lm / W, white half brightness life of 50,000 hours level.

OPA277UA Suppliers

According to Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) report released today (2007), global semiconductor sales in April reached 19.9 billion, compared with 1.6% growth last year, but lower than the 20.3 billion U.S. dollars in March fell 2.1%. The first four months of this years sales increase of 3.7% over last year. SIA noted that the semiconductor market in the large number of areas, including microprocessors, DRAM and OPA277UA Suppliers and NAND flash, the average rate of price decline, is far greater than the traditional model, offset by volume growth. Microprocessor average selling price of which has been a lot of pressure last year, while the first four months of this year no different; January to April, the amount of sales decreased 2% year on year, shipments increased nearly 10% . Showa Denko KK and the United States non-profit research institutions will also SRI International and Itochu Plastics Inc for further cooperation, hand in improving the structure of the device, and for the lighting market in 2010 for sample sales.

OPA277UA Price

Xiesu Yun pointed out that "many manufacturers of domestic products more or less there is infringement of the problem, although many foreign giants have not yet to receive, but as long as LED market slow Slow spread, these problems will be very prominent ." Japanese Showa Denko KK (Showa Denko KK, SDK) 7 Yue 28 issued press release announced that the new structure of Showa Denko technology through the use of OLED devices has been to enhance the light extraction efficiency to 40%, the company is R & D in the luminous efficiency phosphorescent OLED devices have been upgraded to 30lm / W, up to "the industrys highest level."

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