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After 18 months of collaboration, UMC (UMC) and IC OPA404KP and process variation analysis and optimization solutions supplier ClearShape company has jointly launched DFM (design for manufacturing) IC design flow, design said to enable fast and accurate control of the company design parameters on the system and yield variability, and optimization. ClearShape company through the use of rapid full-chip design manufacturability detector InShape, and fast full-chip analysis and optimization of parameters of mutation tools OutPerform, the DFM-driven design of nanometer IC design flow allows the implementation of yield and parameters of the company hot spot detection and repair. These tools and UMCs DFM data encryption technology combined with the file, resulting in fast, accurate, model-based analysis and optimization program. ClearShape the InShape design manufacturability detector, OutPerform electronic DFM analysis and optimization products, is designed for the current 65-nanometer integrated DFM solutions yield optimization of new members. UMC said that through cooperation with DFM suppliers to provide silicon intellectual property, SPICE models and design process, will allow users from the design stage to manufacturing, yield can be improved. Currently Chinese companies have invested to study this standard, which is very important to our businesses, because, if China does not meet the communications equipment companys products this standard, the future exports to Europe when some countries may experience a "green barrier."

OPA404KP Suppliers

Second, the state should lead a major basic industry of independent innovation. We have developed flat panel display, the new display tech and OPA404KP Suppliers and basic industries, relying on the introduction, digestion and re-innovation of the experience is not enough. We should clearly recognize that a major strategic high technology is not introduced into, can not be bought.

OPA404KP Price

For the purposes of MP3 products, USB transfer speed will directly affect the user's experience. In this area, Actions Semiconductor's next-generation chip solution, designed by circuit optimization, USB transfer speed has certain advantages, Taiwan Power X16, for example, the write speed of up to 6 ~ 9MB / s, read speed can be up to 16 ~ 18MB / s, various types of flash memory to the current high level of MP3/MP4 products. Microelectronics and OPA404KP Price and optoelectronics are emerging in China to develop strategic industries, the development of their urgent need for countries to be supported.

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