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Ic OPA4277PA

half of the year 2005, Malcolm Penn maintained its 15% chip market growth predictions. Towards the end, he fell to the predicted increase of 8-10%, and IC OPA4277PA and that his analysis than many other market research company closer to the actual situation. In early 2005, when many market research firm predicted semiconductor market to shrink, but then the company has raised its forecast, to determine the final figures.

OPA4277PA Suppliers

Penn said, the limited production capacity could lead to higher prices of certain products, or at least not lower prices. "We are in 2006 20% chip market growth forecast is based on 12% growth in unit shipments and OPA4277PA Suppliers and average selling prices up 8% assumption. The reality may be far easier to predict than this."

OPA4277PA Price

for six different industries, Dr Cheng also analyzed and OPA4277PA Price and the corresponding supply chain strategies. He pointed out that for the textile industry, the supply chain is longer, the key to winning is the rapid response; for the computer industry, high demand for customization, supply chain, the key lies in creating global logistics capabilities, extends the product to the dealer for final assembly; for chip manufacturing and liquid crystal manufacturing industry, due to large investments in production facilities, supply chain strategy focused on production optimization, "How to get the maximum output the minimum investment is the key"; for the automotive industry production is mainly to solve the synchronization problem how to implement JIT and zero inventory; for the IT and electronics industry, the product life cycle is very short, flat channels and innovation speed is the key; for the typical consumer food industry, production and logistics costs far greater than the cost of raw materials , close to the production of consumption to reduce logistics costs and establish and improve the channel network is the key.

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