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California Micro Devices today announced the launch for the high power, high-brightness LED (HBLED) illumination applications, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and IC OPA633KP and thermal management of turnkey solutions LuxGuard (TM) latest products. The latest CM1771 is the first application for the HBLED, the voltage 100 ambush wearing ESD protection solution. Growing group of high-power HBLED illumination applications (with high output power, more than 120 lumens / watt high performance) or those in a serial arrangement of multiple HBLED applications require the enhanced ESD protection. In the high operating voltage to provide ESD protection brings new challenges, that impact the process of electrostatic discharge higher levels of power dissipation and to maintain an acceptable low dynamic clamping voltage. LuxGuard CM1771 is to have continuous electronic structure of the silicon side of the mounting unit (side mount) protection solutions, providing a strong uniform static discharge protection, and has a small, cost-effective die, the die can be easily integrated into a wide range of HBLED light module. the size of the chip to the side of that quality than big chip LED better than small chips. Price proportional with the chip size.

OPA633KP Suppliers

According to the New Japan Radio said some of the leading manufacturers of laser products, inspection equipment required for the stabilization time 10ns, the last of the photodiode to meet this requirement. Method which, when burning the disc in order to reduce error rates, some product manufacturers and OPA633KP Suppliers and vendors are strongly urged the laser head further reduce the settling time. The products developed to support the DVD with a laser wavelength of 650nm, also supported the CD with a laser wavelength of 780mm. Response to any wavelength of the laser are the same. LEDs light for the chip, different chips, the price difference is large. Japan, the United States more expensive chips, the Taiwan factory with local manufacturers LED chip prices lower than Japan and the U.S..

OPA633KP Price

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