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Ic OPA646U

The trend of the central and IC OPA646U and western urban housing boom, house prices in the country, "led the army" more clearly reflects the composition. In particular to be worthy of attention is second-tier cities such as North Sea, in the first six months, led the country as much as 4 months, new housing remained at more than 15% increase year on year, 4 months or even up to 23.6% . In June of new commodity housing prices rose higher than the city of Central, the Midwest accounted for 3, Urumqi, Nanning, Luoyang were up 1.7% or more.

OPA646U Suppliers

"after the Moores Law" is the essence, which in addition will extend Moores Law on the integration, the pursuit of performance, but also use more technology, such as simulation / RF, high voltage power supply, MEMS sensors, bio-chip technology and OPA646U Suppliers and system in package (SiP) and other three-dimensional (3D) integration technology to provide higher value-added system. "after the Moores Law" and the combination of Moores Law to promote industrial sustainable development

OPA646U Price

As the ABS market matures, domestic enterprises have begun to concern the extension of ABS products. The main extension is the ESP system, that is, vehicle stability control system. ESP by Bosch in the international arena in 1995, the company pioneered in recent years into a foreign mass loading rate increase phase. Bosch ESP companys cumulative sales in excess of 2000 million units. U.S. government agencies, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) shows that, if the United States will this active safety system as standard equipment can reduce 34% of car bike accident, 41% of the car rollover accident, bicycle accident and OPA646U Price and the SUV even lower 59%. However, the way the military that the ESP system, the mature domestic product has estimated that it will take 2 to 3 years, large-scale application still 3 to 5 years.

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