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"We are such a message does not make any comment." AMD will buy ATI for the news, ATI ugly public relations manager of China Yi yesterday on the "First Financial Daily" said. The day before yesterday, a person close to the negotiations on the media side of the AMD acquisition of ATI confirmed the news. The source said, ATI is currently the "big shake", the two sides will soon be officially announced cooperation. And a source close to AMDs industry sources were revealed to reporters: "cooperation is possible within 48 hours of release." Intel also declined to say something. In fact, in May this year, rumors that Intel would acquire ATI. The worlds largest supplier of graphics cards PNY graphics card Concordia is in the field of ATIs largest rival, Mathias Diaz said the Chinese company a market, even though the two sides have not yet heard the cooperation of the exact message, but still concerned about the concrete forms of cooperation the two sides, such as the overall acquisition and IC OPA660AP and strategic cooperation. The analysts said that if the overall acquisition, it means that AMD and ATI will be one, both sides will be formed after the binding of the platform; and if only a strategic cooperation, it may be AMD to achieve a certain degree of platform. Chou Yi stressed, such as peer relative Mathias Diaz, ATI graphics chip business in the global mobile market share of about 70% absolute advantage. And AMD mobile computing is now eager to catch up with Intels focus on business. Just last Saturday, AMD officially released in China, the worlds first 64-bit dual-core mobile processor. Xing, senior analyst with CCID Consulting, the semiconductor industry, told reporters that, AMD is currently just get some breakthroughs in technology, is in the technical superiority into market advantages of the critical period, then pay large sums of money to invest in chip set, apparently dispersed resources. AMDs latest filing shows that its current cash flow of approximately 2.6 billion. Xing that once AMD acquired ATI, will mean that Intel has followed the steps and began bundling processor and chipset.

OPA660AP Suppliers

Ancients had "hundreds director Bo, as I used" reading feelings. Reading, reading a good book, let us be bright and OPA660AP Suppliers and clean water, broaden their horizons, rich in experience, benefit from life. Books are the telescope, books are a beacon, let us see farther and more clearly.

OPA660AP Price

disk, laborers Technology (000988) early limit, China Unicom, also close to 11 suddenly boomed, and OPA660AP Price and ultimately rose 6.76%, while broadcasting information (600,637) up 7.09%, Hongtugaoke (600122) rose 3.98%, the flames of Communications (600498) rose 5.73%, high-hung shares (000,851) rose 4.54%, BOCO (600289) rose 4.97%.

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