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Ic OZ965R

new device is unique in that it is odd divider, you can input clock rate of 50% case load to provide 50% of the load rate. Most of the industry are even divider, the output is required to provide a 50% load rate twice the initial frequency. In addition, Micrels device packed in a super small 16 MLF package, providing excellent performance while saving space.

OZ965R Suppliers

In endurance capacity, the use of high-capacity Lithium battery, the battery life of up to a single 35-hour, easily qualified for any interview (conference record). In other functions, provides a modern high-speed USB2.0 B20 data transmission interface, users can Win98/SE, WindowsMe, Windows2000/XP and OZ965R Suppliers and support for Linux and AppleOs MassStorage protocol to read data, backup, very convenient.

OZ965R Price

"Microchip 8-bit, 16 bit and OZ965R Price and 32-bit USB PIC microcontroller line-up in the last few months has increased greatly. readily available products by a single integrated development environment and the common software library support, customers can provide simple cross-platform development of migration path. "PIC18F1XK50 MCU series of other on-chip features include USB host monitoring function, so that there is no USB connected microcontroller can be configured to" sleep "or Other power management mode. The new MCU family also use the internal or external clock can be no gap between the smooth switching, thus further reducing energy consumption. In addition, the new device operating voltage range of 1.8 to 5.5V, for a variety of different working environments and power supplies, including batteries, USB interfaces, and other power supplies. Customers can now obtain a copy of limited sampling quantities in the third quarter. For more information, contact Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributors ,

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