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Ic P4601-11

Yesterday's news that Nokia and IC P4601-11 and Siemens plans to merge communications network equipment business. NEC, which said that the plan on the NEC and Siemens in alliance base station business impact, and now can not judge. On the NEC, the business relationship with Siemens is very important, NEC mobile phone sector losses due to wireless communications infrastructure equipment business profitable and to make up. NEC statement said, and now can not comment on potential impact, we must first discuss with Siemens, to understand their business plan to determine the impact of bilateral cooperation.

P4601-11 Suppliers

Ningbo Inspection and P4601-11 Suppliers and Quarantine, according to statistics, the first quarter of 2008, Ningbo export volume 528 million primary cells, the amount of $ 49,774,500, down 8.49% year on year respectively, and 6.10%, while exports of primary cells over the same period in 2007 volume and value respectively 34.19% and 50.87% growth, the export situation very different experience "late spring."

P4601-11 Price

Non-volatile ferroelectric memory (FRAM) and P4601-11 Price and integrated semiconductor products developer and supplier of RamtronInternationalCorporation announced the launch of the semiconductor industrys first 4-megabit (Mb) FRAM memory, which is the highest-capacity FRAM products, the largest of its original capacity FRAM memory capacity four times. FM22L16 is a 44-pin thin small outline plastic (TSOP) of 3V, 4Mb parallel nonvolatile FRAM, with high access speed, virtually unlimited read / write cycles and low power consumption. FM22L16 with asynchronous static RAM (SRAM) in the pin-compatible, and suitable for industrial control systems such as robotics, network and data storage applications, multi-function printers, auto navigation systems, and many SRAM-based system design. Features FM22L16 is 256K × 16 non-volatile memory, an industry standard parallel interface to access, access time is 55ns, a period of 110ns. The device is a "no delay" (NoDelay) write read and write operations at bus speed, endurance of at least 1e14 (100-trillion) writes and 10-year data retention. This is a standard asynchronous SRAM 4MbFRAM completely replace the device, but far superior, because it is not required for data backup battery, and single-chip approach has inherent high reliability. FM22L16 is a true surface-mount solution, and the SRAM is that it no longer needs a different battery and highly resistant to moisture, shock and vibration. FM22L16 with ease with the current high-performance microprocessors connected to the interface, both high-speed page mode, the speed up to 40MHz Burst 4-byte read / write operations, more than ordinary RAMs bus speed is much higher. The device has a lower than standard SRAM operating current, read / write operation is 18mA, the ultra-low current sleep mode 5uA. FM22L16 in the entire industrial temperature range (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃) at 2.7V to 3.6V voltage. Prices and spot FM22L16 engineering sample is now available, and plans a limited supply of the third quarter of 2007, fourth quarter volume production. The device meet RoHS requirements for 44-pin TSOP-II package, the order of 10,000 units starts at $ 19.

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