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Ic P8742AH

VOTOI8800 support the EDGE 2.75G 3G network standards, whether it is online, or chat QQ, MSN, can ease. At the same time the I8800 supports JAVA, but also downloaded from the Internet to extend a huge amount of applications.

P8742AH Suppliers

WirelessMouse5000 also uses 2.4GHz wireless mouse design, the only difference is, the use of a miniature transceiver, the volume will be larger, so the positioning on the desktop platform. Both continue to use the mouse for up to 10 months, in addition to Microsoft also announced a WirelessDesktop3000 keyboard.

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Color screen is the highlight of the phone screen color display, all kinds of screen difference between the level of the pigment there is, from top to bottom can be divided into three echelons: The 256 represented Ericsson T68i color in the first tier, second tier is a 4096 color, mainly represented by the Motorola E360; at the highest level is represented Daxian D3100 65536 colors. From a practical point of view display, Daxian D3100 65536 color is commonly referred to as 16 true color, to picture quality.

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