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Ic P87LPC762BD

in the world, the production of electronic components accounted for more than 30% of the world, China has become a veritable industry, power electronic components, electronic components production ranks the world. For example, resistors, capacitors, micro motor, electro-acoustic devices, quartz crystal components and IC P87LPC762BD and optical communication cables and other categories of products, the output of all ranks in the world. Among them, the micro motor production accounted for 60% of the world, electro-acoustic devices accounted for 60% of the world, quartz crystal components accounted for 50% of the world. In addition, from the product structure, the chip components of electronic components has become a mainstream product. As electronic components continue to improve production technology, continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, Chinas exports of electronic components are among the ranks of great powers, China has started a number of categories of electronic components into the international high-end market. Now Chinas electronic components industry has developed into a variety of disciplines and supporting the system of basic species, Chinas electronic information industry to promote the rapid development and the development of our national economy and national defense modernization has made tremendous contributions. ave the way for the marriage of Grace? ua Hong Group after the reorganization, the Board also completed a new high-level adjustments. Liu Liehong Board of Supervisors appointed Group Managing Director, Fu Wenbiao appointed chairman, Zhao Guiwu any Vice Chairman, President is the Gu Xiaochun.

P87LPC762BD Suppliers

eparation of 5 companies BN reporter was informed that "South and P87LPC762BD Suppliers and North," Hua Hong Integrated CEC has been entirely direct control, they will work with large companies such as Beijing Chinese constitute the CEC chip design camp. Shanghai Bellings a good profitable business may be designed to achieve a new integration with them.

P87LPC762BD Price

This year, PE market continued to fire, and P87LPC762BD Price and polysilicon bottom prices rebounded. However, the photovoltaic industry specializing in private equity investment based Jin Daojie capital is already clear that the investment in polysilicon out in favor of "Nuggets" PV industry chain supporting the company. The PE has an interview with Yu Tiecheng, president, said there are too many areas of polysilicon production capacity will soon release, the competition will be fierce, but China is still plenty of space throughout the PV industry in this major industry and finding the advantage of those segments Enterprises are more explosive.

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