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I recently learned that a well-known digital brand from Denmark Owen (ONN) launched a portable 3-inch digital MP4 Owen Distribution has officially listed on the V6, 4GB is priced at 399 yuan. Although domestic MP4 digital player MP4 high-definition on the market after another, the major digital vendors are involved to a fierce battle among the HD. But the objective point of view, for most consumers, because few sources for high-definition, download time-consuming, taking up a large space and IC P87LPC764BDH and other factors, the popularity of high-definition MP4 there is still a long way to go. Therefore, the volume reached a good balance and visual 3-inch MP4 is more suitable for handheld digital entertainment as the main current, here we wish to look at Owen V6 of the situation.

P87LPC764BDH Suppliers

From the LG's innovative technology, sharp ratio (DFC) the first breakthrough in LCD technology development bottleneck, the first to achieve ultra-high 3000:1 contrast ratio. Rui ratio (DFC) from the color optimization, reducing the black brightness, contrast and P87LPC764BDH Suppliers and comprehensive regulation in three areas to improve the quality, the complete elimination of the dark and bright areas of detail is lost and the image blurred, while the true colors to eliminate unnecessary confused, so rich layers of images, vivid colors, allowing you to enjoy the visual feast is ready to come to today !

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Compared to the appearance, the Nokia 7360 is slightly less than in the configuration. The machine uses a 65,536-color TFT display materials, only the entry-level resolution of 160 × 128 pixels. Compared to the current top 16 million colors, the display does have some gaps. Built a 30 megapixel camera, maximum capture resolution of 640 × 480 pixel images, and P87LPC764BDH Price and can record video clips 3GP format. Fully meet the needs of ordinary consumers of film. Multimedia, the Nokia 7360 has 24 polyphonic ring tones system to support the popular MP3 player, speakers at the side to ensure the independence of the precise sound output. Voice full of plenty of penetrating power is strong. Body memory is only 4MB, and does not support memory card expansion, which for a phone that can play MP3, it can be regarded as a big disadvantage. However, you can store some music clips. Infrared data transmission and data lines to support two data transmission.

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