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as the earliest in the professional IT design and IC PAL16R4ANC and development of TV products to digital video equipment, sensitive technology research and development of the day, it launched a TV Master 4 is a new generation silicon tuner (digital tuner) built-in PCI TV card. Not only the volume is far less than traditional analog tuner, but also in the video quality is also superior to the traditional high-frequency head. And its efficient use of the color decoder chip has 9bit resolution, the picture has been further improved. Especially in color, it was the best product with a price. TV card is present, compared to the ordinary chips, watching TV was more clear and natural.

PAL16R4ANC Suppliers

he third quarter of the silicon wafer area shipments totaled 2.489 billion square inches, compared with the previous quarter growth of 5% of 23.65 square inches, up 26% year over year, reaching historic highs.

PAL16R4ANC Price

DRAM spot prices stabilized in the PSC (5346), driven, DRAM overall population continued to take the Young yesterday, PSC No. 2 early hitch limit, the module factory-DATA (3260) is also bright light limit, are deeply oversold legal advantage of the opportunity to buy back shares of DRAM. Analysts pointed out that, DRAM price strong population bomb, driven by the spot price back to the warm and PAL16R4ANC Price and experiencing a rebound, however, this wave is only experiencing a rebound phenomenon of stabilization, as to whether the continued support of the strength of the market still hold a conservative attitude.

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