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Xu Jie from the British business agent Electronics Jennic, has released a new generation of 32-bit single-chip computer, JN-5148. JN-5148 can support the new Zigbee communication protocol, ZigBeePRO, for the IEEE 802.15.2 standard platform for wireless Mesh network technology set a new benchmark. It is the Zigbee single-chip wireless microcontroller market, the only one to offer low power consumption and IC PAL16R8BCN and maximum memory capacity of the chip, coupled with Jennics own innovative Time of Flight Ranging Engine, will start using the battery as a power source and data collected by the new generation of wireless Mesh network development.

PAL16R8BCN Suppliers

Is a very intellectual love the mouse 09 at the end of a very grand building of the main intellectual products, the mouse on the modified part of the mosaic stones polished by hand, while the mirror part is the mirror of Germany MIR high light processing technology, function keys on fourth, fifth and PAL16R8BCN Suppliers and down keys to browse the web and image, DPI switch button to switch between can be achieved in appearance attracted many people's eyes.

PAL16R8BCN Price

As this series of new chips have a variety of output current, switching frequency, and PAL16R8BCN Price and package options, so design engineers select the regulator when the system will have greater flexibility. For example, to bus 3.3V to 5V supply voltage into the output voltage as low as 0.6V, engineers can follow the specific requirements from three chips into a selection of the most appropriate. This series has the advantage of the chips power requirements to meet the load point, is ideal for set-top boxes, xDSL, cable modems, broadband communications, network cards, computer peripherals and hard drive.

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