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AMD RV670 partners to disclose the original release date from November 19 to November 15 in advance, and IC PAL20L10ACNS and the official will be formally announced next week, named RV670 graphics cards, we can see that the current widespread RadeonHD2950 name is not necessarily accurate. November AMD is very important for a month, in addition to RV670 than there 790FX (RD790) and 770 (RX780) series of chipsets will also be released in November, but for various reasons from the original 11 release date postponed to May 5, 11 20 May. Rival NVIDIA's graphics cards and nForce750/780 GeForce8800GT 10 respectively 29 and November 12 release. RV670 release date from the point of view a full two weeks later than GeForce8800GT, the surface which will allow rivals to seize the initiative in the competition, but the final decision on the outcome of this competition and performance attribution, I believe that buyers will patiently wait until the Both cards will make all the listed options.

PAL20L10ACNS Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) repeatedly in the foreign intellectual property barriers to suffer before the Chinese IT companies, the first time yesterday trying to patent the same in the United States waving a big stick. Netac domestic mobile digital giant announced yesterday in Beijing, the company has submitted a formal complaint to the U.S. court, accusing the United States PNY its U.S. patent infringement, and PAL20L10ACNS Suppliers and demanded "high compensation." Patents involved are flash drives, flash memory MP3 and other digital products, mobile basic patent. U.S. flash memory market in 3 years ago to more than one billion U.S. dollars, PNY company in an important position in the market. It is reported that the case is Netac v. PNY overseas Chinese IT enterprises in the first case of intellectual property protection. If you win a lawsuit, PNY companies will face severe punishment, and Netac flash memory will likely be the highest amount to date global patent infringement damages. In the field of intellectual property, Netac is one of the most severe manufacturers, has initiated patent litigation battle several times, and finally hit the United States from China. December 2004, Netac flash drive in the United States won the invention patent. The hands-on PNY company, Netac is clearly prepared, because from the beginning last March, Netac has begun hiring lawyers in the United States, collecting evidence, aiming at the target up to 16 overseas companies. Netac said yesterday, respect for other alleged violations of U.S. companies, Netac will take legal action. Netac the purpose is obviously to expand its business in the United States, this approach with the majority of multinational companies "patent first" route into China coincides with Chinese companies are trying to intellectual property rights are respected in the global market.

PAL20L10ACNS Price

In the LED Industry Forum, Shenzhen Vice Mayor Chen Yingchun that the LED industry in the development of Shenzhen's peak. Sought after because the industry is a new field of energy, energy saving, has a policy to encourage; in technology, there is a great breakthrough technology, brings a broad market prospects; In addition, the importance of local government for development of the industry to bring opportunity.

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